Canberra GPS Asset Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

Our Canberra based team can assist in GPS Asset Tacking & Fleet Management. Cars, Trucks, Vans - Canberra GPS asset tracking devices & GPS trackers for any vehicle. Use the power of IoT to track your assets and collect valuable data that drives utilisation and optimisation in your business. 

Specializing in Fleet Asset & GPS Tracking Solutions Canberra

Our Kloud Connect is our suite of IoT solutions, designed to help you unlock more value from your Canberra assets with increased visibility and connectivity. Whether you're looking to improve the utilisation rate of your assets, reduce the administration workload required to locate them or simply comply with regulations, Our Kloud Connect can help.

We leverage the sophisticated power of our IoT connected devices and custom software to give you an unfair competitive advantage. We do this by offering end-to-end Canberra asset tracking that improves traceability and reduces losses across all types of assets and many different industries.

Our Kloud Connect is more than vehicle tracking. It's tracking for every type of asset - including non-powered assets, industrial assets, smart sensors and people - with easy software integration and artificial intelligence that enables real-time decision making. Now you can track where your Canberra assets have been and monitor on-board diagnostic data, movement patterns, performance and operator behaviour.

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The benefits of asset tracking Canberra

Track any asset

Know where your assets are at all times and get route recaps to tell you where they've been in Canberra.

Our Kloud Connect works across all assets including vehicles, machinery, parts and even people. Fleet tracking has never been easier with Our Kloud.

Maximise utilisation

Equipment is too big of an investment to not be generating a return.

Use Our Kloud Connect's asset data to determine which assets are being underutilised and take action to optimise usage achieving 100% utilisation. Know where your assets are at all times.

Make data-driven decisions

Base your resourcing decisions on accurate data, not opinion.

Our Kloud Connect presents you with all your data, including predictive figures and real-time alerts. Make data-driven decisions in real time with Our Kloud's Canberra asset tracking offerings.

Single source of truth

Share your asset data with all your other systems via an open API, including ERPs, CRMs and more.

With one source of truth for bookings, resources and performance, you'll cost correctly and make smarter decisions. Integrate into a single source of truth.

Ensure Chain of Responsibility

Satisfy your CoR requirements with real time driver welfare and behaviour reporting.

You can keep accurate records, Canberra incident logs and proactively manage any driver risk. Ensure chain of responsibility with Our Kloud.

Meet your health and safety requirements

Keep your assets and drivers safe and meet your compliance obligations with dedicated health and safety tools such as pre-journey checklists, safety checks and inspection reports.

Maximise your tax rebates

Our Kloud Connect helps you maximise your fringe benefit rebates and fuel tax credits with automated journey data, fuel consumption and mileage.

Reports are stored securely and easily shared with Our Kloud's Canberra asset tracking offerings.

Reduce costs and optimise your spend

Complete Canberra asset visibility and remote monitoring are good for business.

You can optimise routes, reduce time looking for assets, utilise idle assets and prevent theft.

Stay connected to all your assets Canberra



Cars, vans, trucks, coaches & buses


Non-powered Assets

Trailers, commercial generators & shipping containers


Industrial Assets

Construction & mining equipment, cranes, forklifts, skip bins & more



John Deere, Caterpillar and more


Smart sensors

Moisture, temperature, sound & pest threat



Employees & contractors

A few ways we can connect you to your Canberra assets

Identifying your underutilised assets

Managing a national fleet of vehicles can be a difficult and costly exercise. If vehicles aren't being used, you're paying for parking, registration and maintenance, without adding any value.

With Our Kloud Connect, you gain visibility over all your assets and the information you need to optimise your fleet to the exact right size.

Eliminate improper use of assets

For a long time, tracking non-vehicle unpowered assets was impossible.

Say you ran a business that provided portable skip bins or dumpsters to construction sites or business premises. How could you ensure that your customers weren't dumping trash or filling the bin from other locations?

With Our Kloud Connect, you can place tamper-proof, battery powered trackers on these assets and monitor movement, improper use and even detect when they are emptied.

Stop the theft of your assets

Poorly secured industrial equipment is a common target for thieves, and once missing, recovery can almost be impossible.

In the event of a theft, Our Kloud Connect's tracking and geo-fencing alerts will detect and alarm you if an asset is moved out of a certain geographical location, allowing you to act immediately increasing your chance of recovering it.

Make precise decisions through custom monitoring

Every day on a farm you're going toe-to-toe with weather conditions to get the maximum yield from your crops. Assessing soil and weather conditions across multiple fields can be very manual and time-consuming.

Our Kloud Connect's remote monitoring technology will send real-time data from every field to your IoT platform, providing you the insights to make precise irrigation decisions and drive greater efficiency.

Integrations & AI


Centralise your most important data with easy integrations

Our IoT platform collects an enormous amount of incredibly valuable data. Combining this data with data from your other internal systems and tools enhances its value even more.

Connect to your other data sources using our API and create a centralised data hub that removes the problems caused by siloed information and disparate systems. Integrating your systems will enable a level of automation that wouldn't be possible with seperate systems.

Our open API isn't restricted to a couple of systems. We'll work with you to create a custom integration that's tailored to your unique platform stack.


Spot opportunities and respond to risks with predictive insights

With more data being gathered from your assets, it can be difficult to know where you should start when it comes to optimisation.

With in-built artificial intelligence, Our Kloud Connect analyses your data and surfaces predictions, recommendations and trends that help you make data-driven decisions.

Improve asset utilisation, dynamically optimise routes and mitigate risks that you didn't even know about.

Digitise site visits through real-time remote monitoring

Our Kloud Connect can go beyond asset and vehicle tracking through our smart integrations and custom firmware development. Connect any smart sensor to our hardware devices to enable remote monitoring and reduce your reliance on expensive onsite inspections.

Each smart sensor is connected to your IoT platform allowing you to build real-time dashboards and create custom alerts for all of your Canberra assets and sensors.

From tracking pest threats such as termites to soil moisture in crops, you can shift from reactive monitoring and maintenance to a proactive model, and benefit from true efficiency enhancing technology.

Farmer or agronomist  inspecting quality of corn plants in field and typing to mobile phone

Remove the burden of paperwork with in-built electronic forms and sign on glass technology

Cumbersome forms and paperwork can slow down your business, especially in high compliance industries such as construction, mining, transportation and logistics.

The Our Kloud Connect platform allows you to replace paper forms with your own custom eForms and checklists. From pre-start checklists to incident reports, you can create and rollout digitised forms with ease.

Compliance is captured through sign on glass technology, allowing you to record proof of delivery, complete checklists and approve reports.

Reduce the impact of slow and costly paper forms and automatically sync submissions and approvals to all your key systems.

We're in Canberra & here to help

We've intentionally designed our Connect solution to be as simple as possible. Most of our hardware is plug and play, and our software platform has been built with user experience in mind.

If you do get stuck, our team of Australian-based IoT specialists can help you connect your assets and understand the data that's being collected.

We're available by phone, email, chat, and if you need some more hands-on support, we have a network of auto-electricians all over Australia who are available to help.

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A Hardware Option for Every Asset


Compact Vehicle Tracker

Ideal for recording vehicles and driver behaviour.

  • 5m accuracy
  • Tamper proof
  • Acceleration and braking sensors

Solar Powered Tracking

Ideal for outdoor assets without a usable power supply.

  • 5m accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • Motion sensors

In-vehicle Tablet

Android powered all in one fleet management tool.

  • Touch screen
  • Built in cameras
  • Mobile communication and task management

Long-life Battery

Ideal for moving assets without a power supply.

  • 2-year battery life
  • Rechargeable
  • Geo zone reporting

Hardwired Vehicle Tracker

Ideal for real-time vehicle and driver monitoring.

  • Driver behaviour
  • Precise mileage reports
  • Accident and tamper alerts

Mobile App

Turn any smartphone into a task management and tracking tool.

  • Real-time GPS
  • Battery, distance and speed monitoring
  • Task management and communication

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