Inbound Numbers


Inbound Numbers

With Our Kloud voice solutions, companies enjoy endless options in phone number selections to meet business needs. With a range in the number of digits to the type of service plan you require, you select a package that serves you and your customers for success. Let Our Kloud guide you to select the best voice options for a startup or a seamless transition.

5 Reasons to use Inbound Numbers

  • Save Money
  • Increase Productivity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Best-in-Class IT
  • Peace of Mind

Types of Inbound Numbers

13-xx-xx (6 digits)

Callers to 13 numbers from a fixed line service pay the standard local call charge. Business customers pay the toll charges for long distance calls and possibly a timed rate for local calls.

1800-xxx-xxx (10 digits)

Free to callers who dial 1800 number from a fixed line service. Business customer pays the total call cost based on inbound usage charges.

1300-xxx-xxx (10 digits)

Callers to 1300 number from a fixed line service pay the standard local call charge. The customer pays the toll charges for long distance and local calls.


The A party is not charged
The B party is charged a flag fall fee and/or a timed call charge for the duration of the call per NVD standard usage rates.

For 13/1300 Calls

The A party is charged the cost a local call at the standard charged by their local service provider.
The B party is not charged for the call if the duration is less than 15 minutes. For calls longer than 15 minutes a timed rate is applied to the duration beyond the first 15 minutes as per NVD standard usage rates.


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