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Our Kloud is proud to stand behind a proven Internet broadband communications network called National Broadband Network (NBN), serving Australia for open access and high speed in phone services. Companies receive the best technology in communications based on their workplace location, business scenarios, and unique needs.

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There are multiple benefits to businesses across Australia including cost savings, increased productivity, and a competitive edge. We partner with NBN Co and other Telecommunication providers to offer our customers the best Internet connectivity in Australia. Our Kloud’s NBN solution is a well-planned investment for the future of your business.

National Broadband Network (NBN) is a highly available communications network that spans Australia, designed to reach every business, residence, and school in the country. The primary goal behind in the NBN solution to broadband Internet is to overcome barriers in distance and provide high speed to any location, all of the time. Business productivity is certain to rise as companies conduct business more efficiently with NBN services. Consider seamless virtual meetings, remote video conferencing, and video in streamlined user experiences. Our Kloud’s NBN solution is essential to your continued business success.


About NBN

National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s first national wholesale-only, open access communications network. It is built to bring high speed broadband and phone services within reach across the country. The NBN will utilise the best technology for a given location and improve connectivity methods between locations. Every home, school, and workplace in the country will to have access to the NBN.


Our Plans

Our Kloud clients select from five high-speed broadband and phone service plans for superior Internet connectivity and peak business performance.

  • 12Mbps / 1Mbps
  • 25Mbps / 5Mbps
  • 25Mbps / 10Mbps
  • 50Mbps / 20Mbps
  • 100Mbps / 40Mbps

Prices starting from $79/month

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