Intercom Systems


Intercom Systems

Our Kloud is an industry leader in professional intercom systems for business. When you need added security and the ability to broadcast valuable information across office spaces and locations, Our Kloud has the intercom solutions you are seeking. We offer three stable solutions for this type of electronic communication depending on your business environment and intercom needs.


5 Reasons to use Intercom Systems

  • Save Money
  • Increase Productivity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Best-in-Class IT
  • Peace of Mind

You select from portable or fully-mounted systems
in a wired or wireless plan for your unique requirements

When you require superior high-quality intercom capabilities such as loud-speaker paging, intercom broadcasts, door speaker stations, visual notification, Internet notification, and more, Our Kloud offers the best equipment and accessories on the market to suit your company needs.

Analogue Systems

Our Kloud’s analogue based intercom system is a cost-effective, high-quality method for your broadcasting needs. With Our Kloud’s analogue solution, you count on a traditional wired system using Cat 5/6 cable for reliability and minimal down time. This effective method for intercom communications is perfect for businesses that wish to manage their own on-premise systems.

  • Fully Managed In-house
  • Reliable Cat 5/6 Cable
  • Excellent Failover Features
  • Seamless Coax Transmission

Let Our Kloud establish a reliable analogue solution for your business intercom needs, and rely on seamless communications well into the future.

IP Systems

When you need an Internet-based solution for your business intercom system, Our Kloud has the skills and technology to implement an Internet Protocol (IP) intercom option. Using IP, Our Kloud can configure your intercom system for two-way communications, help desk broadcasting, security monitoring, and more. Our IP intercom system is easy to set up and relies on existing Internet bandwidth for a low-cost intercom solution:

  • Easy Setup and Configuration
  • High Voice Resolution
  • Increased IP Security
  • Low Bandwidth Needed
  • Reliable LAN Transmission

With Our Kloud’s streamlined IP solution for your business intercom needs, you can count on clear communications and maximum uptime, every time.

Hosted Systems

For companies who wish to rely on a third party to manage their intercom activities, Our Kloud configures your system to meet your needs, implements a custom intercom solution, and monitors the system in real time.
Consider a managed and cloud hosted intercom system that is configured specifically for your company. Whatever the size and scale of your enterprise, Our Kloud can host your intercom system at the level you desire. A hosted system has a number of advantages:

  • Current Hardware and Equipment
  • Fully Managed
  • Ongoing Upgrades and New Features
  • Scalable Solution as Business Evolves
  • 24/7/36 Monitoring, Reporting, and Protection

When you wish to have a complete hosted intercom system, let Our Kloud take on your broadcasting challenges with superior service and high-end equipment to do the job.


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