Cloud Computing Solutions Australia

Some of your friends are digital nomads. Their office is a beach and a laptop. Or a bustling coffee shop. Others have hot desks. Working from anywhere in their office whenever they want. But you? You're tied to your desk. A corded phone and desktop computer sit in front of you. Your files are saved on your in-house server, which regularly goes down.

It's time to upgrade to a more modern office.

Our Cloud Computing Services

You need an office that matches the way you work, so that you can work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our office solution combines IT solutions, equipment and support for a simple monthly subscription. You no longer have to rely on outdated systems and large up-front fees.

We'll move you into the cloud. Your staff will be able to work on a quick and easy system that's tailored to your needs. Hot-desking, remote work and collaboration, and working from your mobile will be possible.

Your staff can connect to a full virtual desktop, complete with Microsoft Office. You'll be able to host 3rd party apps and all the while be protected with an included firewall and antivirus filter.

Your communication will be better than ever. Our email exchange and telephony solutions make it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate, both within your office and with your clients. And our Australian-based experts are here to support you should you encounter any problems.

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The key Benefits

Work anywhere,
anytime, on any device

Working in the cloud means your staff can instantly access, collaborate, and share information, from anywhere.

Take away the stress
of IT management

Ease the workload for your IT team. Let us take care of your data and support, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Prevent a loss of
your data

Your data is securely stored in Australian-based data centres, with back-ups in place for extra peace of mind.

Access up-to-date systems
for a simple monthly fee

The days of dated systems and large up-front fees are over. Future-proof your business with the latest technology for a monthly per-seat fee.

Use technology that
is tailored to your needs

Office technology is not one-size-fits-all. We work with you to assess your needs and create a solution that is right for your business.

Work with a
local IT vendor

Don't get stuck on hold to a support team in a call centre overseas. Access support from local specialists, on your time.