Create seamless productivity and delight your staff and customers with business process automation

Replace manual data entry and other repetitive and mundane tasks with automation, and create speed, efficiency and satisfaction in every department.

Accelerate your digital transformation and automate the tasks that slow you down

With digital transformation becoming less of a one-time, project-based transition and evolving into a continuous approach to improving the way we work, businesses need the right tools and processes in place to deal with market disruptions and facilitate uninterrupted productivity.


As our human workforce becomes stretched to capacity, trying to work "smarter, not harder" can quickly result in diminishing returns of quality output. This sees more and more businesses turning to business process automation tools to ensure long-term scalability and efficiency.


Technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), extended to full hyperautomation underpinned by AI are already transforming businesses in Australia. Business process automations work by executing repeatable processes and tasks typically performed by employees, instead powered by intelligent automation logic and even fully autonomous digital workers.


Now, with our Our Kloud Automate platform and RPA services, you too have the opportunity to increase your workplace productivity, spend more time on high priority tasks and deliver a more satisfying experience to your employees and customers.


By adopting automation technologies and practices now, companies can not only achieve valuable short-term gains, but they'll also position themselves for long term success. With repetitive, routine activities automated, employees are free to engage their minds in more creative, productive and advantageous ways. Leading to more time spent engaging with customers and more focus on high-value work.

Modern business automation solutions

Workflow Automation

To deliver the best experience for both customers and employees, forward-looking companies are using flexible, feature-rich workflow automation tools to maximise efficiencies.

The Our Kloud Automate platform provides the end-to-end automation tools required to work smarter, save on costs and complement your workforce.

Intelligent Document Management

The requirements for document management solutions have moved beyond simple cloud storage. Now, we need our document management to include savvy search and retrieval systems, in-built security, audit tracking, access control and collaboration.

Our intelligent document management solutions save you time by helping you find critical business information quickly (even from unstructured content), without having to worry about version history.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using Robotic Process Automation technology we can mimic many of the behaviours that your employees carry out such as logging in to applications, copy and pasting data or making calculations more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of manually carrying out these processes.

Any of your high-volume, rules-driven tasks can be automated using RPA, and many should be. It's mistake-free and always on.

Process Mining

In every business, there are hundreds or thousands of processes occurring every day as work flows around the business. Many of these have inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or steps that management are not aware of. Instead of manually mapping out these processes, process mining uses your existing tools and data points to create an end-to-end picture of your processes.

Allowing you to visualise improvements, eliminate bottlenecks and use technology to automate the measurement and monitoring of your regular processes.


Hyperautomation combines multiple automation tools (Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital Process Automation (DPA), AI and more) so that more processes can be automated with constant optimisation and intelligent analytics. 

With hyperautomation you can go beyond a single process or software automation to repeat any task virtually and dynamically. It's perfect for businesses with complex work and complex legacy systems.

The benefits of intelligent business automation


Fewer errors

Without employee intervention, there are fewer errors in all your work.


Faster performance

Automation enables you to do more work in less time, and frees up others to do the same.


Lower costs

Use technology to grow, without growing your team, and save costs caused by absenteeism and burnout.


Happier staff

 Staff get liberated from the repetitive and mundane tasks that risk their job satisfaction.


Improved satisfaction

Customers and staff are happier when expectations are clear and delivery is fast.


Easier Compliance

Automate compliance tasks, mitigate the risk of errors and store documents securely.

How Our Kloud helps you Automate

For a growing number of businesses, the real question isn't whether to automate, but what to automate and where to start. Every business is unique. Each has its own processes, but many of them can be automated to improve productivity and staff satisfaction.

There's no silver bullet for deciding which processes to target for automation, but we can help. Our team of Automation Specialists will help you identify your priority processes for automation and implement a solution that meets all your documentation and compliance requirements, but streamlines the workflows for everyone. Stakeholders will know exactly what's happening at all times and customers will have clear expectations.


1. Discover

We listen, consult and discover continuous automation opportunities​.


2. Build

We build tailored automations razor-focused on business and human optimisations​.


3. Implement

We implement and run your automations and enable users to create their own to work side by side as a new way of working.


4. Support & Optimise

We support and measure performance and business outcomes, and continually optimise your automations.

Workflow automation solutions for every area of your business


Finance and Accounting

Your finance team operates in a complex and compliance-heavy environment, so it makes sense to help them automate their compliance processes, reduce the delays caused by chasing approvals and manual; payment processing. With more freedom, they can focus on high priority tasks that move your business forward.

Our Kloud's automation solutions can put your finance team back in control of their day with automatic emails, data capture, data entry into ERP, validation checks, payment reporting and notifications - providing you with the visibility and ease to proactively manage and forecast cash flow. Anything that your team can imagine, our workflows can build, ensuring you're compliant, thorough and efficient in everything you do.

  • Remittance processing - Data capture, automated emails to customers, data entry into ERP.
  • Accounts payable/invoice processing - Capturing invoice information, performing multiple validation checks, approvals, data entry into ERP or accounting platform.
  • Accounts receivable - Payments due, reporting, automated emails to customers, data entry into ERP or accounting platform.
  • Contract management - Data capture, automated emails to customers, digital signatures, performing multiple validation checks, data entry into ERP.

Operations and Supply Chain

For operations and supply chains teams, automation empowers them with all the order management, inventory and product information they need to do their jobs more effectively. Instead of searching for and inputting high volumes of data into multiple legacy systems, workflows help operations teams reclaim their work week.

With effortless integration with ERPs and other systems, operations teams can automate their sales and purchase orders and emails to customers and suppliers. Keeping everyone well-informed, and employees happier.

  • Sales order processing - Data capture, multiple checks, automated emails to customers, data entry into ERP.
  • Inventory management - Monitor inventory levels, automated PO creation, data entry into ERP.
  • Procure to pay process - Data capture, automated emails to customers, digital signatures, performing multiple validation checks, data entry into ERP.
  • Product life-cycle management - Data entry into ERP, Integration with legacy systems, automated communications, reporting and analytics.


Legal work requires accuracy, audit trails and regular sign-offs, and it often involves multiple employees from multiple departments. That's why the most progressive businesses are automating their procurement, contracts and compliance with smart workflow automation.  

Upload legal documents, review them against existing terms, obtain digital signatures (and remind employees when they haven't signed yet) and automate any emails within the process. It's legal work without the complexity. 

  • Compliance management - Auditing reports, accurate data entry, automated workflows, document review, data matching.
  • Legal matter management - Accurate data entry, automated workflows, document review, obtaining digital signatures, automated emails to customers. 

Customer Service and Account Management

Customer service automation helps your support teams spend more time engaging with customers and less time searching for information, updating CRMs and transcribing calls. The result is easier onboarding of new customers, better service for existing customers and satisfied agents who hit their targets easily.  

With Our Kloud automations, you can quickly clone customer notes across multiple systems, transcribe calls automatically and use conversational tools to improve your support and deliver a between customer experience, whenever your customers need it.   

  • Call centre collaboration - Data entry into multiple systems, transcribing conversations, automated emails to customers, AI chat tools.  
  • Customer onboarding - Processing forms, entering data into multiple systems, obtaining digital signatures, automated emails to customers.

People and Culture

The employee experience has never been more important, so we've designed our automations and workflows to provide your staff with a comprehensive digital solution that works for all stages of the employee journey.

Impress your new starters with an efficient onboarding process, manage your existing teams' leave requests and performance reviews automatically and take the pressure off your HR team. Our automations and workflows send your employees the forms, checklists, invitations and instructions they need to ensure that they're well looked after and you're compliant.

  • Employee on-boarding - Processing forms, entering data into an ERP, obtaining digital signatures, scanning documents into cloud storage.
  • Employee off-boarding - Processing forms, entering data into an ERP, obtaining digital signatures, scanning documents into cloud storage.
  • Compliance management.

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