office 5 productivity hacks for sales reps on the road

Are your sales reps out on the road every day, interacting with customers and the unique challenges presented by travel? If so, they likely face a number of concerns foreign to staff who sit in an office every day.

When your sales team is on the road, they need all the access and support they can get from the office: the right apps, processes, and solutions to help them be successful. Without that access and support, your sales team may not be able to effectively connect with clients, provide them with the information they need to make decisions, or close sales.

Are you offering the right equipment and support for the members of your sales team on the road? Check out these time hacks that can help them accomplish their goals more effectively.


1. Have a Single, Cloud-Based Data Storage System

When your sales team looks for information, do they know where to turn to and is it easily accessible? Client-facing workers need to be perceived as knowledgeable, which means having access to the right tools to quickly and effectively pick up information to answer important customer questions. You don't want your sales team having to call someone at the office every time a customer has a tricky question or request for information.


With cloud-based data storage, all of your information is in one place. Anyone with access to a specific client's information can easily pull up the answers to their questions no matter where they are, which helps streamline the sales process and make it easier for them to deliver a great customer experience.



2. Offer Access Through All Devices

Can your sales team access the information they need from every device they have on hand? Often, they may choose to use their personal devices, including smart phones and tablets, rather than hauling out a bulky laptop every time they have a conversation with a customer. If your office has a bring-your-own device policy, ensure your sales team can easily access the cloud through whatever device they choose to use.

Take the time to carefully consider both your storage options and your security. Streamline your process so that your sales team can easily access the cloud, while eliminating excess steps and poor visibility on certain devices. Does it run just as well on older platforms as it does on a newer device? When you choose a streamlined platform that works smoothly and effectively, productivity will increase while enabling your sales team to complete their jobs.

3. Use the Right Time-Saving Tools

You may be unaware of the challenges your sales team face every day. Take the time to consider what apps could save time for your sales team: apps that, for example, allow customers to complete forms online, or that track delivery options? What apps do they currently use, and which ones can you offer them to help streamline their efforts? Make sure to consider how they connect and interact with the apps used in your office to create a single, seamless experience for your customers.


4. Automate Processes

Do you have an automated CRM that helps your sales team connect with important connections? When you have a growing list of clients, your sales team may not have the time to deal with tasks that simply need a personal touch. They are out of the office on a regular basis, which means they may lack the necessary touch points to connect more effectively with potential clients. In some cases, they may struggle to keep up with those important connections.


When you automate processes for your sales team, you don't just free up their time. You also increase customer satisfaction. Ideally, you want your customers to feel as though they're receiving as many personal touches as possible without placing additional burden on your sales team- and automation can help make that possible.


5. Make Invoicing & Payments as Seamless as Possible

If your sales team members on the road are responsible for handling invoicing and processing payments, your process should be as simple as possible? Use a streamlined invoicing and payment system that will make it easy for your sales team to process payments and handle any important transaction details.


Do they need to send out an invoice? To ensure your clients are happy, make your invoicing system streamlined and easy to use. Your clients should be able to take care of those payments without constantly calling up your billing team.