What’s The Difference Between Copier Rental And Leasing?

Copier Rental and leasing are pretty similar: both generally include the cost of maintenance and servicing of the machine. Some companies may even use the word "long-term rental" to refer to "leasing".

The only main difference is that renting is for a short-term basis, while leasing is for long-term usage. So renting is suitable for when you need a copier for an event.

In contrast, leasing comes with a contract, which means that you can't return it before the contract is up, or extend the contract without the approval of the seller. At the end of the lease, you're provided with the option to either buy the printer or photocopier at a nominal fee.

Printers and copiers are some of the essential things to have in an office. But they're pretty expensive to buy and maintain. Worse still, the repair can cost more than buying a new one. Fortunately, you can either rent or lease copiers with a copier rental company. This will help you save cost, especially in maintaining the equipment.

In What Situation Would Renting/Leasing Or Buying Be Better?

It can be more cost-efficient to go for a copier machine or a printer rental/leasing as compared to buying one, since you might not always need to print a lot of documents in a short amount of time. Renting and leasing also allows you to save on the costs of upkeeping and servicing the machinery. Plus, you won't need to account for equipment depreciation when doing your accounts.

Renting a printer or photocopier can also help you decide on the type of machine to buy permanently for your office. For instance, if the speed of printing matters less to you than the colour quality, you might want to prioritise on renting a colour printer.

Of course, there are some situations whereby buying a printer or photocopier would be better. If you continuously print dozens of documents every day, buying a photocopier could help you save on rental fees in the long run.

You also don't need to worry about the monthly rental payment of the copier machine, since everything is already paid for. In this scenario, the photocopier machine is an asset instead of a liability, as an accountant would say.

Why Choose Ok

Who wants to miss out on affordable copy machines, which allows you to avoid the initial capital outlay required for outright purchase?

At Ok, we offer a tax-efficient and well-established form of financing, allowing cost-effective trade-up access to modern technology at the right time. We can also let you know how copy machines leasing or purchasing can be adapted to suit the preferences of a particular business. So, if you want to buy used photocopiers, look no further, Ok has got you covered.

Every business wants to stay on top of their game, and wants to put their best foot forward. The problem with technology is that it dates and gets superseded. The moment you buy it, you know that you have the absolute best on offer, but you know it's not going to stay that way. That is why printer lease in Perth is the option that will keep you on top of your game when it comes to your printing needs.

The beauty about printer lease is that you sign the lease for a set period of time. One year, two years, you decide on the option that best works for your business. Most businesses can project their activity for the short term, and can set their budget accordingly. Why go beyond these future projections when you don't have to? This gives you the security of knowing exactly what you've signed up for, and predetermining your commitment. At the end of the lease, you have the choice of simply walking away, or renegotiating a new lease on new terms that fit the current position of your business.


Several businesses earn revenue as the time passes - paying as you use sense: why payout in a single, hefty lump sum when copier leasing companies allow fixed, small manageable payments. It equates to pay as you use. Payments made during the period of a lease arrangement are not affected by interest rate changes; therefore, you can pay in advance for lease payments. Since cash flow may be forecasted, the cost of use can be compared with profits generated and projected revenue by the use of the printer/photocopier.

Tax Efficiency

By leasing through Ok, you can reduce your tax bill considerably. If you lease a copier machine, you can avoid paying the cost of the printer or photocopier upfront, reclaiming everything your payout on a 'by payment' basis - annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Upgrading Technology

 It is well-accepted that a printer or even refurbished copier machines aren't a business asset that appreciates. In fact, it depreciates faster than the large majority of purchased assets. So save purchases for assets that either depreciate less or appreciate. Leasing from printer leasing companies like Ok would give you more freedom for up to date office equipment, ranging from copiers and printers, to be installed as needed, less affected by budgetary limitations. Thus, Ok will allow printer and photocopier leasing to improve cash flow, creating a hedge against obsolescence, depreciation, and inflation. It permits you to leverage technology improvement during selection, that too, at an adequate cost. A photocopier lease with Ok will comprise provisions to trade up to a recent model or, when required, to one that accommodates the higher features, speed, and volume your business needs at the right time, allowing you the freedom to upgrade without the need of purchasing a new one.


Since the latest printer and photocopier machines are multifunctional, that is, they combine all the functions of a photocopier, document manager, colour printer, printer, fax machine, and a pdf writer, it makes sense to have the ability to upgrade the facilities and products simultaneously instead of dealing with an array of outdated machinery. Thus, leasing from Ok will be greatly beneficial in this regard as well.


Using capital for appreciating business purchases makes sense. Leasing from Ok for office technology preserves business opportunities and precious resources for these purposes. Moreover, you're able to optimize your use of commercial credit sources and preserve your current bank lines.

What Should You Look Out For In A Printer And Copier Rental Company?

When it comes to printer and photocopier rental companies, all of them pretty much match each other in terms of services.

A few provide special services, such as helping you set up a temporary office or moving your equipment from one place to another. Most of them either provide in-house maintenance, or outsource their help, but all of them ensure that you get your money's worth.

So, what is it that you need to look out for? First of all, it's good to identify the requirements that you have for a printing machine. Some helpful guidelines to follow would be:

    • How many documents do you print in a month?


    • Do you need colour printing, or will black and white do?


    • Do you need scanning and faxing services?


    • What's your budget?


    • Do you want a newer model, or is an older model good enough?


After you've identified your requirements, you may cross-reference between these copier rental companies to determine which one fits your needs the best.

Benefits Of Renting Copiers

What sets us apart from our competition?

    • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly copier rental prices


    • Long-term full-service lease options available


    • Black/white and colour high-speed copier rental models


    • Well maintained fleet


    • Responsive technical support


    • Power conditioners used to improve performance



Customized Services

Can we provide a temporary copy centre at your event? Not only can we rent copiers to you, but we can also provide the onsite staff to handle production.

    • Experienced operators


    • Paper is included, so you get one price


    • Print server setup for handling documents


    • Runers to deliver materials throughout the venue


    • Pamphlets, handouts, booklets and more


Copier Rental Basics

News flash. Copiers weren't designed to be moved around. They have small wheels, thin metals and if you think about it, they are pushing paper through a maze of twists and turns at speeds up to 90 pages per minute. At those speeds, it just takes something to be less than an mm off to create a jam. We realize this and are why our techs perform a multi-point inspection prior to delivery, wrap it for the drive and use a special copier dolly to deliver. Here's where we can use your help to ensure you have a trouble-free experience.

Make sure you have proper power available.

While our mid-range copiers can utilize a standard 15-Amp circuit, our full-size lineup requires a dedicated 20-Amp circuit. Anything less and you'll increase the potential for issues. Even though we deliver all of our copiers with a power conditioner to keep the flow steady, we still require a necessary amperage. We've run into a quite a few venues over the years that try to say they are giving you a dedicated 20-amp circuit, but they are not. Get it in writing that they will give you what you need.

Time our delivery when the main users will be present.

This will allow our technician to provide training and ensure that the features they want to use are set up properly, and the user knows how to use them. It's best if your computers are on site as well so we can properly install the drivers and verify communication to the copy machine.

Get the copier connected to the Internet.

Connecting to the copier to the Internet will allow us to remotely monitor the copier and be alerted of any issues via email sometimes even before they happen. Not only that, but it is much easier for users to work between printing and being online.

Let us know what you think are must-have features.

Copiers can do about a million things. You telling us how you'll be using the copier will ensure that the rental copier is prepped exactly how you'll be using it and our technicians onsite can properly set up the software and train operators on how to use those features.

Use quality paper.

While premium paper runs the best through copiers, every copier can use recycled paper, and that is fine but be aware that not all recycled paper is formulated the same way. Why this matters is that paper reacts to temperatures and humidity. Some paper is better than others and depending on the brand of recycled paper, and you may be susceptible to more frequent jams. The most reliable recycled paper uses a mixture of recycled and virgin fibres. Also, if you don't want to deal with bringing the paper in, just ask us. We provide both letter and legal size premium paper.

Why rent a copier

When looking for a copier rental company, we believe there are four key items that a provider must check off.

Quality process

Do they perform regular maintenance on their copier fleet? Our copiers are checked each time they come in, and each time they go out. Not only that, but if you connect the copier to the Internet, we can remotely monitor it while on rent. We once delivered additional toner when a connected copier alerted us that one of the colour toners was getting close to empty. We dispatched a technician, and when he arrived with spare toner, the customer had just picked up the phone to call us.


Will they be there when you need them the most which are typically after hours? All of our copiers are backed by 24/7 technical support.

Network experience

Do they know how to properly network the copier? We are accustomed to setting up networks, integrating into networks, and enhancing networks on a regular basis.


Are you getting a good deal or a deal too good to be true? We advise caution to deals that seem too good to be true because in the end they usually are. We offer a very good deal that allows us to properly maintain our equipment and keep quality support staff onboard. You'll come to appreciate these aspects when you're pulling an all-nighter, and things go smoothly.