office Unified communications - paving the way for the new generations

Most of us already know the term millennial, but before long we'll have an even newer influx of workers coming in. A good portion of Millennials are already over thirty and with the next generation, Generation Z, already university age and close to graduating, there's a good chance that they'll make up a large majority of every area of your workforce. With Millennials themselves already making up the biggest share of the modern workforce, the addition of Generation Z will only tilt the scales more toward the younger generations.


Millennials and Generation Z have been around technology for the majority, if not the entirety, of their lives. Things like smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for improving a business, but they aren't just that. They fundamentally changed how many of us live, and that applies more heavily to the younger generations.

1. What the New Generation Wants

The modern workforce isn't interested in being restricted to one area while they work. A desktop computer and corded phone tying workers to their desks is an outdated setup, but working exclusively from a computer isn't the way to go anymore either. What the modern workforce want is to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They want the flexibility to pull out their phone and work during their commute, or continue unfinished tasks whilst having their morning coffee.  To stay connected while away from the office, an effective communication platform is a necessity.

This can be accomplished with modern tools such as instant messaging and unified communications systems. These are tools that let you keep in touch with your colleagues or customers in a number of ways, no matter where they happen to be at the time. Unified communications systems combine in-house messaging apps with video conferencing, collaboration, and traditional calling, and with presence information, you'll have up-to-date information on who's available to collaborate with.

2. The Benefits of Supporting the New Generation

Better Culture

With the freedom granted from this strategy, your employees will be happier and more productive. When employees are happy and fulfilling their desires and needs, they work better with each other and create a positive work environment, leading to improved work culture across the board.

Higher Quality Staff

By adopting modern communications tools, you advertise yourself as a business that values its workers and one that enables flexibility and collaboration. With those qualities, you present yourself as a progressive and attractive workplace for the truly talented and experienced.

Increased Staff Retention

When they don't have to see work as being chained to a desk, employees are more likely to see work in a more positive light. Work doesn't have to be something you just endure and showing your employees that can retain their loyalty.


Improved Customer Service

The improved communication benefits aren't just for employees. You can use these tools to communicate with your customers, and that improves the speed with which you are capable of responding to customer service issues.

Quality Assurance

Unified communications open up a lot of doors for your business. As far as quality assurance goes, it makes collaboration easier than it ever has been before. By making everything more easily accessible, it becomes far more likely for any mistakes to be noticed before key points.

Increasing Sales

By improving communication between your employees and customers, you also improve efficiency. This leads to employees being more capable of putting their focus onto individual customers, and to take on more customers than they might have otherwise.

3. How You Can Support the New Generation

With all of that in mind, there's no better way to support the new generation of workers. With our solutions, we can upgrade you to a more modern office that matches the way that the new generation wants to work.

Office Solutions

This solution includes IT solutions, equipment, and support, and is available for an easy monthly subscription. You'll no longer need to keep to your old outdated systems or have to worry about costly initial fees.

Your staff will have the full package, with a virtual desktop and Microsoft Office. You'll be free to host whatever apps you may need without worry, thanks to our firewall and antivirus filter.

Cloud Solutions

Everything can be moved into the cloud, allowing for that mobile and free work environment that improves the efficiency and retention of the new generation. This allows for remote work, hot-desking, improved collaboration, and even allows employees to work from their mobile phones.

Email Exchange and Telephony Solutions

These solutions will improve your communication capability several times over. With these solutions, you'll find that your ability to communicate not just between employees, but also to customers, can have a profound impact on collaboration and sales.