Tips For Choosing The Best Photocopier

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    This guide is a review of the best business photocopiers we think are suitable for companies looking to save money in the long run. We know that a cheap photocopier is not inexpensive if you need to spend more money to get it to run down the line.

    We have taken into account the photocopier price, durability, reliability and function, we know this investment needs to be long-lasting, so these ten photocopiers offer precisely that. The following photocopiers are all available on Amazon and cost less.

    It's essential to purchase quality copier machines that meet your offices' requirements. Still, it's easy to be blindsided by new models and presume that pricey ones are better in functionality than the cheap ones.

    A photocopying machine is a relatively large investment to make, so having a checklist of things you may need will help when buying a copier. The last tip is to keep in mind that most established companies will offer sound advice as to what photocopying machines to choose and, for additional peace of mind.


    One of the most crucial factors to consider is an obvious one: how much the copier will be used. Works out the number of pages per month that the Photocopier can produce and what the copier will be mostly used for. This will help decide whether you'll need a black and white or coloured copier, the size of its capacity tray and how large the copier will be.

    Scanning Features

    A copier that's connected to a multi-functional device or network is the preferred platform for a quality scanner since the printer can directly send the scan to your email or computer. This is a beautiful feature, especially for those in an office setting. Should you need a scanning part for your everyday undertakings, ensuring whether this feature is built-in should be your top priority.


    Speed relates to the number of copies that can be copied in one sitting. So, consider how much the machine is used per day, whether people often have to use the copier and if a lot of large brochures, flyers or brochures need to be printed. Before buying a photocopier, knowing what you need regarding copy speed is essential to make sure that the unit you go for will be sufficient for your operations.

    Additional Features and Advantages

    As stated earlier, there are many new features added to copiers that aren't necessary to have, but make the unit appear fancier and of higher quality. There are extra functionalities that can enhance your printing experiences, for example, accessibility programs, document editing and automated document workflow solutions. Accessibility programs allow multifunctional devices, scanners, printers and copiers to be controlled by a mobile device.


    Who makes the unit is an important question you should ask yourself before buying. It's not always about the brand, so don't get bogged down by how high their yearly sales might be or how popular they're. Just ensure it's a legal, stable company whose standing is about selling great products. You also want to ensure they also provide inspection and customer service in case you need support.

    Purchasing Options

    When purchasing a copier, find out the payment options available. Monitoring the transaction will be important in the future when you've warranty issues or customer service questions.


    You want to find high value when you search through photocopying machines. Some machines are low-priced, but still, have an overall high quality while other devices are costly and not worth the price.


    Another thing to take into account is whether a multifunctional copier will be a good option. These can incorporate faxing, scanning, printing and copying all in one copier and can save lots of space if you need a copier for a small office, in addition to saving a considerable amount of money compared to running each of these devices separately.

    Top 10 Cheap Photocopiers On The Market



    Canon ImageCLASS D530

    This multifunction copier can print and copy in black and white and can scan in colour. The print speed is 26 pages per minute, and the first copy will be out in a quick 9 seconds. This reliable and functional printer can print multiple pages, duplex print and has an energy saver mode to help save on energy costs.

    The standard capacity of the D530 is 250 sheets, and the resolution is 600 x 600 dpi.


    Canon PIXMA MG2450

    The PIXMA MG2450 is a multifunction machine that can copy, print and scan documents. The print speed is eight monochrome images per minute or four colour images per minute at an impressive resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi.

    There is a quiet mode that makes operation near silent which is perfect for use in small offices.


    Canon ImageCLASS LBP6000

    The ImageCLASS LBP6000 can print and copy 19 black and white pages per minute. There is a quick first print speed of 8 seconds and a 150 sheet capacity.

    The LBP6000 also has an energy-efficient mode and advanced print modes such as poster, watermark and toner saver. There is also automatic duplexing, and the print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi.


    Xerox WorkCentre 3215/NI

    The WorkCentre 3215/NI is a black and white multifunction printer, you can print at speeds of 21 prints per minute. The paper capacity is 550 sheets which are perfect for small businesses. The print resolution is superior, a crisp, clear 4800 x 600 dpi.

    The monthly duty cycle is up to 30000 pages and the WorkCentre 3215/NI is also very energy efficient.   

    Canon ImageCLASS D550

    This black and white multifunction copier can print up to 26 prints per minute and the first print time is a rapid 6 seconds.

    The print resolution is up to 1200 x 600 dpi. The copy resolution is 600 x 600 dpi. Features include duplex printing, a user-friendly control panel and a 250 sheet loading tray.  


    Xerox WorkCentre 6505

    The WorkCentre 6505 is a colour multifunction that can print, copy, scan, fax and email. The print speed is 23 prints per minute for both colour or black and white. The maximum print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi and print features include booklet printing, banner printing, blank pages skips and draft mode.

    The paper capacity is 250 sheets which can be doubled if necessary. The WorkCentre 6505 is energy efficient, and there are additional options that can be added on if necessary.


    Sharp AL-1631

    This black and white desktop copier can copy 16 prints per minute, it can handle paper size up to A4, and the paper tray can hold 250 sheets.

    The copy resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, and there is a time-saving scan once, printing many features. There are also digital automatic, manual and photo exposure modes to help ensure the best prints every time.


    Ricoh 406971 Aficio SP 3510SF

    The Aficio SP 3510SF is a multifunction black and white copier that operates at a speed of 30 prints per minute.

    There is a wide range of document management features, and the delivery is also efficient, crisp and clear at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. The standard paper capacity is 250 sheets, and the Aficio is versatile with the paper sizes it can handle too.


    Xerox WorkCentre 6027/NI

    The WorkCentre 6027/NI is a multifunction colour copier that can copy and print at 18 prints per minute. The paper capacity is 150 sheets, and the maximum print resolution is 1,200 x 2,400 dpi meaning the prints will always be vibrant and clear.

    This is a high-performance copier with many great features including an automatic document feeder, a colour touchscreen and a convenient USB port.

    Canon PC160

    This monochrome copier prints four copies a minute and the first copy is produced in 22 seconds. The paper capacity is 50 sheets making it suitable for small businesses who require low volumes of document copying.

    There is no warm-up time meaning you can start copying immediately; there is also automatic exposure and automatic shut off features. Advantages of the PC160 is that it is compact, lightweight and portable, it also has energy-saving features. This is purely a copier and is best for start-up or very small businesses.

    Top Tips To Remove And Prevent A Photocopier Paper Jam


    What Is A Paper Jam?

    A paper jam occurs when a piece of paper is stuck or 'jammed' in a printer or Photocopier. The user usually has to manually remove the piece of paper from the machine before the print job can continue.

    Paper Jam Digital Display How Does A Paper Jam Occur?

    There are many causes of the paper jam, but it is mainly due to the paper. This can be if it is slightly curled, is stored in a slightly damp environment, is not the weight that was specified at print or is not loaded into the tray straight.

    How Do You Remove A Paper Jam?

    You should have received a guide to your machine when purchased, so consult this first to see if there are specific instructions on how to remove jams on your model. If there isn't one, or you have misplaced the guide, follow these simple steps to help clear the jam:

      1. Like with many technological errors, it is always wise to switch the machine off at the mains, and restart. You might find that the jam will clear itself when the machine warms up.


      1. If the jam doesn't clear, but you can see the paper that is jammed, give it a gentle tug to remove it from the machine.


      1. If you can't see the paper, and your printer has a screen, it will probably tell you where in the machine the jam is (with images for easy location). The machine will give you basic instructions on how to get into the part of the machine that the jam is, and then tell you how to remove the paper.


      1. If your printer doesn't have a screen, you will have to do some investigation of your own, and look in the machine to see where the paper is jammed.


      1. When you have found the paper, gently tug the paper to help guide it out of the machine, tug from both corners, so you don't rip the paper. Some larger models such as MFPs and digital duplicators may have handles to turn that help to get the paper moving.


      1. Once the paper has been removed, open the paper trays, and make sure that the paper is all aligned and not curled, wrinkled or creased ­- replace with the new paper if the paper is not perfect.


      1. Before the print job restarts, you may have to press a button to let the machine know that the jam has been removed.



    How can you prevent paper jams occurring in the future?


      1. Always only use one kind of paper in the tray at any time.


      1. Check with the documentation that came with your printer (or do a quick Google search) to find out what the maximum and minimum paperweights your machine can handle. Never use paper that is too heavy, as it will get stuck.


      1. Ensure you have selected the correct paper thickness/quality in the print controls on your PC before you start the print job.


      1. Always store your paper in a cool, dry place. If any moisture gets into the paper, it is likely to cause it to stick together, meaning multiple sheets of paper can accidentally get fed through the machine, causing jams.


      1. When you add paper to your machine, ensure that the paper is not curled, wrinkled or creased, and is all aligned, using the moveable guides within the paper tray.


      1. Do not overload the paper trays. There are usually guides within the tray, with a 'fill to' line for guidance.


      1. Never open the paper tray while printing is in the process - this will disrupt the print job and is likely to lead to misfeeds and paper jams.