Reliable and Secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Embark on your cloud migration. Switch from costly, on-premise computing resources that are difficult to maintain to flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure that helps you do more of your best work.

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the cloud-based alternative to on-premise servers and data storage. IaaS solutions reduce your capital and staff costs by reducing the equipment and support requirements of physical hardware.

A Our Kloud IaaS is managed by us, but completely under your control. You can add services as often as you need to fit your growth or strip back your infrastructure without losing money on an expensive investment. We'll take care of all the management and upgrades of your infrastructure while you choose your own software, virtual machines, middleware, applications based on your unique needs.

With IaaS, you can access your most important communication tools and files - and only ever pay for what you need.

Types of IaaS solutions

Whether you're looking to tighten your security or integrate your cloud stacks, Our Kloud will work with you to weigh the options between our private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, and help find the perfect solution for you.

Managed Public Cloud

A public cloud is a collection of virtual computing resources that are owned and operated by third-party providers.


We've partnered with the two biggest providers of cloud services - Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services - to ensure your public cloud is secure and reliable.


A public cloud means you're sharing your servers and storage with other organisations via the internet. It's an ideal cloud solution for business with non-sensitive applications and without an internal team to scope, setup and support the IT infrastructure. This popular cloud solution results in:



    • A low-risk, low-cost solution to your infrastructure needs.


    • Complete scalability and flexibility to suit your changing requirements.


    • Fewer setup and support headaches for your IT team.




Private Cloud

A private cloud is a dedicated private network available exclusively for your business. It provides the same scalability and flexibility benefits as the public cloud with the added control and customisation that comes with on-premise infrastructure.

Most Our Kloud customers who operate a private cloud do so to protect business-critical resources and sensitive data. A private cloud is an excellent solution for medium to large businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries. Our private cloud services encompass:

  • Virtual Data Centre as a Service (VDCaaS) - allowing you to deploy private clouds with automatic provisioning and management.
  • Australian hosting in Tier 3+ ISO27001 accredited storage facilities with comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Local support and 24/7 service operation centre to ease the strain on internal technical teams.

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines the flexibility and scalability of public cloud services with the security and speed of private clouds. It's simply the best way to take advantage of existing infrastructure without costly capital investment.

In a hybrid cloud, data moves between private and public clouds to provide more flexibility, greater deployment options and stronger security. We recommend hybrid and multi-clouds for businesses who want to:

  • Maintain control of private infrastructure but need to add resources temporarily.

  • Monitor and reduce your cloud computing costs with discovery and right-sizing by matching your workload to your infrastructure.

  • Migrate to the cloud gradually and leverage existing infrastructure based on what works for your business.


The benefits of cloud IaaS by Our Kloud

Highly scalable and flexible

Start with a tailored solution and add or remove services as your business needs change.


Cost Savings

Pay only for the services you need in a simple monthly fee and never worry about costly, upfront IT investment again.


Maximum Control

Stay in charge of your software and hardware and build and modify services as you need.


Reduce IT management burden

Give your IT team the freedom to focus on high-value work and we'll handle your infrastructure.


Consistent Support

We offer around the clock, local support from expert engineers on all our cloud computing solutions.


Loss Prevention

Eliminate downtime and mitigate the risks of data loss or internal communication failure.


Fully managed Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Customising your infrastructure

The game-changing advantage of cloud infrastructure is its ability to be scaled and adapted to suit a business's unique requirements. From the initial design and build to ongoing changes to meet evolving needs, we tailor an infrastructure solution that suits your business. At all times, you stay in control, choosing when to add resources to meet seasonal fluctuations or switching data centres to better suit a mobile workforce.

We offer flexibility across every cloud computing element and you'll only pay for the services you're using.

Our managed cloud services let you make adjustments to your:

  • Speed, capacity and back up options.
  • Virtual machines and disk storage.
  • Disaster recovery and regional data centres.
  • A mix of public and private clouds.

Service and support

All of our managed cloud solutions include access to our Australia-based support team of expert engineers and cloud consultants, freeing your IT team from the pressure of infrastructure maintenance and user management.

Our support and service desk is friendly, local and assisted by the global leaders in cloud solutions -Microsoft Azure and AWS. We aim to keep your staff happier and more productive but also work with you to identify long-term improvement opportunities.

We're proud that our service and support teams offer:

  • Local, personalised support with 24/7 availability.
  • Better and faster management of regular support tickets.
  • Long-term data and insight analysis to identify and prevent errors.

Enhanced Security

Not only does the cloud offer unparalleled speed and flexibility, it's also incredibly secure. You can be confident that when you move your data to the cloud, it's safe from both internal and external security threats.

At Our Kloud, we combine our human risk assessment skills - undertaking a thorough review of your requirements and risks - with best in breed system security features to help you take control of your cloud performance and security.

Our cloud security services include:

  • Identity and Access Management (IDAM) to control the information your users can access.
  • Security Information and Event Management to track and audit activities within your IT environment.
  • Email, web security and Cloud Access Security Broker services to safeguard every access point and help you enforce security policies.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

One of the most popular features of the cloud is disaster recovery or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). DRaaS involves creating remote copies of your critical data and systems that are easily retrievable if you experience an outage or loss.

We provide a dedicated recovery point using technology that is proven to handle even the most stringent security requirements and restore your systems and applications as quickly as possible in the event of a security disaster.

An end-to-end disaster recovery solution will:

  • Increase the resilience of your IT infrastructure and reduce the impact of a data loss or outage.
  • Make it easier for you to recover data from multiple platforms, applications and virtual machines.
  • Help you manage your data backup and recovery costs and have total confidence that you can respond rapidly to unexpected data threats.

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