Free eBook: Digital Transformation in Australian SMEs

How Australian SMEs can avoid the pitfalls and succeed with digital transformation

Access our eBook for free, which explores the state of digital transformation in Australian small-medium enterprises (SMEs). It calls on exclusive research from SME employees and managers, highlighting the shortfalls and opportunities for fast-acting Australian businesses.

Revealing survey results in this eBook

Despite the pace of digital transformation, poor and inefficient IT systems and workflows continue to damage the customer experience for Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

According to the results of Our Workplace Digital Outlook - a national study of more than 500 employees, managers and executives - more than half of respondents agreed that the delivery of service to their customers had been impacted by IT downtime. And more than a third said the slow processing of paper forms and manual data entry also impacted service delivery.

These are just two results of many that highlight IT-related workplace issues impacting on their customer experience. However, despite Australian SMEs falling behind on digital transformation, the survey also revealed opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to get their digital strategy in place and harness a competitive advantage.

It also provides a much-needed wake-up call for Australian SMEs to upgrade to a fully digital workplace by engaging a trusted, knowledgeable partner like us. They can expect to save time and money, plus lift staff engagement.

How this Workplace Digital Outlook Report will help your business

This eBook gives unique insights into the biggest challenges faced by Australian businesses today as they navigate their digital transformation journey. It highlights how digital technology affects your business and identifies the 'low hanging fruit' that you can capitalise on to stay ahead of the curve. It will also help you:

  • Deliver a seamless customer experience

  • Introduce modern communication tools

  • Walk the talk of digital transformation

  • Identify the tools and expertise needed for digital transformation

  • Identify how to progress to digital communication

  • Eliminate manual processes and paper record-keeping

  • Equip staff with the tools and systems to work remotely

  • Identify who can help you deliver these goals effectively.


Who will benefit from reading this eBook?

As an SME you will gain unique insights that even many corporates and big businesses don't know. Use your agility and quick decision-making to uncover opportunities, act upon them and give your business a healthy competitive advantage.