Eliminate the hassle of buying, managing and servicing devices with Our Kloud's Device as a Service

Enjoy seamless purchasing, run-up and management of devices, reduce IT bottlenecks and enable your team to focus on their best work, all for a simple monthly subscription.

What is Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Device as a Service (DaaS) or PC as a Service (PCaaS) is a comprehensive solution that removes the challenges in device lifecycle management and reduces the burden on your internal IT team. DaaS combines IT hardware (laptops, desktops, tablets and accessories), procurement and run-up, service and support, security, monitoring and analytics in one simple monthly subscription.

DaaS empowers everyone in your business to do their best work - your employees benefit from the most up-to-date devices, uninterrupted connectivity and rapid support, your finance team don't have to pay hefty upfront costs, and your internal IT teams no longer have to spend time procuring devices and setting up new users.

With ongoing support and detailed device analytics, you'll have the visibility to monitor and optimise your device lifecycle. DaaS also gives you the flexibility and scalability to add and remove devices as your team grows or shrinks so you only pay for what you need when you need it. And we'll ensure that each device matches the requirements of each user, so you can align devices to needs - reducing hardware costs and ensuring the best fit. Your whole team will be happier and more productive than ever before.

Device as a Service Inclusions


IT Hardware & Accessories


Run-up & deployment


Service & support


Device warranty


Life cycle management

Why your business needs Device as a Service


Reduced workloads and IT pressure

Outsource the stress of managing devices and ease the burden on your team.


Simple setup and deployment

All new users and devices are onboarded with our no-touch setup.


Uninterrupted tech experiences

Work from anywhere in the world and enjoy uninterrupted productivity.


Transparent pricing. No upfront costs

Only pay for the devices you use in our simple and scalable subscription pricing.


Device customisation and flexibility

Customise your devices, scale your subscription and receive regular optimisation advice.


Complete lifecycle management

Warranties, support and disposal are all included in our end-to-end service.


Improved device security

Trust us with your device protection and get complete visibility and traceability.


Eliminate unnecessary e-waste

We buy back old devices, repurpose them or dispose of them safely.

Key highlights of our DaaS solution


User personas and device alignment

In every workplace, the work output and tasks that each employee completes can vary greatly. With this varying output comes a wide range of requirements when it comes to computing power and portability. If all of your users have different needs, a one-size-fits-all solution can fall short in giving your staff the tools they need to succeed.

With DaaS, we'll work with you to develop key personas and categorise your staff based on their work and device requirements. We take into account processing power, portability and remote working capabilities, specialist roles that require unique devices, whether an employee is customer-facing, and much more.

We'll then align devices to these personas to ensure staff can work seamlessly from anywhere - finding optimal devices for their intended use, whether they're working from home, a desk, on the road or in meeting rooms. That means your field sales team has maximum portability, long battery life and low processing power, but your engineering teams have high spec devices that can handle complex applications and data analysis.

Device alignment enables your staff to do their best work and helps you reduce your IT hardware costs - instead of giving all staff overpowered devices that go underutilised or underpowered devices that slow productivity, all your staff will have their perfect match.

Uninterrupted work from anywhere

Contemporary work practices require you to provide a working environment that enables employees to achieve maximum productivity and uninterrupted connectivity no matter where they work. With Our Kloud DaaS, your employees can hit the ground running from their very first day.

To give your new starters a great experience from day one, we can store a pool of devices on standby for you, ready to be rapidly deployed for that last-minute hire or to replace a faulty device. No more lost productivity while users are short a laptop to work from, and no more derailing your IT team from their projects to do a last-minute run-up.

Whether your staff work from their desk, at home or a meeting room, they should be able to easily change location without carrying around a multitude of adapters. With a complementary set of devices in place, we can help equip your workspace, meeting rooms and desks with the power connections and adapters you need to help employees hot desk from any spot in your office(s). Device and desk uniformity ensures you don't waste precious time setting employees up at new locations and with less downtime you can achieve more.


IT management

The role of the IT team has evolved from device management and troubleshooting. Now, IT teams are focused on establishing your technology strategy, your business from cyber threats and driving digital transformation for all teams. Yet, many IT teams are still overburdened with low-value maintenance tasks when they are better utilised as drivers of growth and innovation.

A Device as a Service solution will help remove IT bottlenecks that are slowing you down and liberate your IT team from the time-consuming procurement, run-up and imaging and device delivery tasks. With burdensome activities taken care of, you can set up new users with greater ease, and receive the same level of support, just from the friendly team at Our Kloud.

Visibility and security

Managing all your devices in one comprehensive solution gives you complete visibility over your devices, their use and optimisation. You'll have immediate access to tracking and analytics dashboards, helping you make more informed allocation decisions and regular security improvements.

All devices are monitored in real-time for system vulnerabilities and outages, so if you need to respond to security threats or update new security policies globally, you can do so quickly and easily. You can even lock devices or delete data from them remotely if they're lost or stolen.


Lifecycle management

The true benefit of DaaS is shifting the burden of device lifecycle management from your IT department to Our Kloud. We manage your devices from when you first need them all the way through to their disposal.

From the quick deployment of devices to new users from a pool of devices to rolling out replacements, solving helpdesk requests to securely disposing of devices, our DaaS solution encompassed the entire product lifecycle. Our lifecycle management includes; imaging and run-up, software updates, data migrations, warranty fixes and replacements, and more.

And when your devices reach their effective End of Life, Our Kloud provides a range of options that ensure peace of mind and reduce e-waste, including:

  • Secure wipe and destruction of devices
  • Securely wipe and repurpose devices for provision to developing nations
  • Device buy-back options