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Stay safe from the growing threat of cyber-attacks with a managed security solution from Our Kloud that you can trust.

Modern cloud security services for modern cyber threats

In today's workplaces, the risk from cyber-attacks and data breaches are increasing. With the rapid rise in cloud services and internet connectivity, keeping up with cybersecurity updates, identifying threats and protecting your sensitive data has become more challenging than ever.

Our Kloud's managed security services combine endpoint management, network security, cloud security and Managed Detection Response (MDR) to offer you the strongest protection from the widest number of threats. All of our solutions are on-demand and scalable, helping you to comply with local regulations and respond to the evolving sophistication of cybercrime.

Between 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) responded to an average of 164 cybersecurity incidents per day, or once every 10 minutes. Many of these incidents could have been avoided or mitigated by having robust security systems and practices in place. To stay ahead of external threats and reduce your risk of data breaches and downtime you need a trusted managed security provider that monitors, defends and responds. Keep your data secure and users safe with Our Kloud.

Why it's time to take security seriously


Total cost of cyber security incidents for Australian businesses every year.


of all data breaches are as a result of malicious or criminal attacks.


increase in data breaches resulting from social engineering as reported by OAIC between Jan - Jun 2020.


The average cost to a business per data breach.


The number of days to resolve a ransomware attack.


of Australian SMEs still believe they're safe.

Protect your data and reputation from security threats

Endpoint Management

Endpoint security protects your devices such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, and even printers, on a network from cybersecurity threats. It's more than just anti-virus software, endpoint management protects your devices from malware, ransomware and other threats.

At Our Kloud, we understand that devices are central to everything you and your staff do, so we focus on scalable solutions that work across all devices. We can also combine endpoint security with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to get you the most out of your devices with maximum protection.


Our endpoint management includes:


Automatic updates, scheduled threat scans and smart Internet security.

Threat Detection

Regular monitoring of the endpoint security events for further in-depth analysis.

Device Management

Controls to restrict which staff and devices access key information.

Data Protection

Encryption and software that secures the data on your devices.


Our KloudNetwork Security

Our Kloud cloud security solutions combine technologies, devices and processes to protect your infrastructure against the growing threat of cyber-attack. We assess your network hardware, software and policies to help you manage your network security and traffic, delivering a high-functioning network with safeguards at every layer.

Get the best network and security solutions that are right for your business:

Perimeter Security

Next generation firewall technology that blocks attackers in their tracks from coming into your network.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

A combination of multiple security technologies that keep emerging threats at bay. This all-in-one solution reduces the complexity of a business's security system for easier management.

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS)

DDoS attacks involve overloading a targeted resource with traffic to make it unavailable. Make sure your network security is protected with comprehensive denial of service mitigation.

Cloud Security

Storing data in the cloud is often a safer solution than storing data on your own business premises. If you're not a large corporation with a dedicated cybersecurity team, your IT resources can often be stretched thin and your security may be vulnerable to outside attacks. Storing your data in the cloud allows you to take advantage of the scalability of cloud providers and the dedicated security staff that are protecting your cloud-based data around the clock. There's less risk of loss or theft, more flexibility and the ability to recover your data quickly in the event of a data loss or cyber-attack.

We pride ourselves on leveraging trusted solutions to protect your business from cyber-attack and support you with a large security team and trust technology partners.


Accelerate your cloud confidence with our cloud security services:


With Identity and Access Management, you can control and track who has access to your company info and infrastructure.


 Security Information and Event Management provides real-time insights into all security events with easy integration.


Our Cloud Access Security Broker brings enterprise-level security features to all sized businesses.

Email and Web Security

Prevent accidental incidents with malware detection at your most vulnerable access points.


Managed detection and response (MDR)

Protecting your users, infrastructure and data from attack is the best form of prevention, but a comprehensive security solution also includes detection features and technologies for faster responses.

A managed security solution by Our Kloud puts you in the best position to analyse the incident you're dealing with and determine the best course of action to eliminate the threat and restore services. Even if an attack is unlikely, you want Our Kloud on your side to be able to respond immediately and recommend long term improvements.

Improve your security posture and set your business up for growth with MDR:

Threat Detection

Quickly detect threats and prevent them from being exploited as

Incident Response

Have an incident response plan to respond to and manage the
consequences of a security breach or attack.


Operate in an ever-changing regulatory environment and be
confident your meeting your compliance requirements.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Collect data, analyse trends and generate reports in real-time.

The benefits of cloud security

Data and Reputation Security

A data breach damages your reputation beyond repair. We'll help you keep your data secure and your reputation intact.

Seamless Compliance

Meet your compliance requirements and offer the best protection to health, financial and other sensitive information.

Reduce All Round Risk

Cyber-attacks that result in downtime are just as damaging as data loss. Stay online at all times and keep work moving forward.

Safeguard Customer Data

Maintain the trust of your customers with the strongest security features in the cloud.

Access Security Expertise

Learn from the brightest minds in cloud security and benefit from their custom-designed security solutions.

Lighten Workloads

Robust security systems take time to develop - which your IT team simply don't have. Liberate them and lighten their workloads.

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